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Find our latest Sermons and Podcast episodes below!

You can also find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  Follow us to be notified about the latest releases.

Check out our latest sermons and series from Refuge Church!  Listen to our latest teaching as we explore Scripture and Discipleship together, while learning about God, growing in our faith, and discovering how to follow Jesus in our daily lives.  Whether you have grown up in the church tradition, are new to faith, or just exploring, Refuge Church is a safe space to learn and grow.  Join us as we live this journey and learn Jesus together.

Join Pastor Dan, and Pastor Residents Ryan, & Mike as they discuss discipleship and what that journey looks like for them. Each week they'll sit down and discuss different aspects of the discipleship journey drawing on Scripture, books, and their own personal stories.  They will break down a topic, share some recommended reading, and leave you with a practical thought at the end of each show.  Come and join the conversation as we walk this journey together.

Follow us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to be notified about the latest releases of both our sermons and podcasts!

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