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A no-cost clothing ministry located at the Refuge Church school facility in Manor, PA


Mommy & Me Playgroup at Refuge offers moms the interaction with others that they need and deserve. 

Our playgroup is not meeting at this time.

Are you looking for an outlet for your preschool aged children to interact with other kids their age? Could you use a break in your routine with some much needed adult interaction? The Mommy & Me Playgroup at Refuge offers a chance for moms to interact with other moms while your kids have fun in a safe environment - for FREE.

Our Mommy & Me Playgroup is held in the gym of our school building, right across the street from Refuge Church. Kids will enjoy our indoor playground that includes a crawl through maze with ball pit, bouncy ball hoppers, a small inflatable, padded floor, sit and spins, large format soft bowling and plenty more! There's age-appropriate play obstacles for kids from 1 to 5 years.


Please note, moms are responsible for overseeing the safety of their children during the Mommy & Me Playgroup sessions.

There's plenty of free parking right across the street from our school facility. All are welcome.

Questions? Email us here, or private message us at our Facebook page!

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